Marina del Palma #1 Yacht Club in Palm Coast


Beyond the private walls of the Yacht Club, you’ll find a place like no other; where coming home will be like arriving at an exotic seaport destination; where life is touched with luxury and personalized service yet imbued with the casual ease found in coastal living.

The state-of-the-art boathouse, with private concierge boating services, will make it effortless to get out on the sparkling water. With a simple call, your boat will be ready to go at the dock: warmed-up, fueled-up, and coolers full of ice. When you return, you’ll simply drop-off the key and your boat will be put away safely in the private boathouse. The dockside clubhouse will be comfortably appointed with a pool, tennis court and fitness center. This host of benefits, for so very few to enjoy, places Marina del Palma Yacht Club in a class of its own.

The concept originated from an unforgettable trip the developer took along the coastline of the Mediterranean. He was captivated by the elegant charm of European port villages- the tiled rooftops of whitewashed homes, inclined seaward, around arcs of blue water, where boats of all sizes docked at bay. The beauty and simplicity of the architecture, and the contented ease of the residents, made a lasting impression on him. In fact, it started a 15-year quest to bring this dream to life.