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Storing Your Boat – Why Dry Storage is the Right Choice for You

Boating is one of the greatest activities one can enjoy – especially here in Florida. There’s freedom and fresh air, water and wildlife, sun and sand. From your boat, opportunities for enjoyment are endless – whether you love swimming, water skiing, fishing or just coasting the waterways, we know your best days are those spent on your boat.

However, we also know boating can be tough, filled with challenges and hard work. Cleaning, fueling, packing and unpacking, towing, launching, and especially maintaining and repairing. The list goes on…

Thankfully, there are ways to diminish some of that hard work so you can truly love your boat and all the days spent on it.

For example, dry storage is a development that has changed the world of boating. This option, compared to wet storage or outdoor storage, offers endless rewards for both you and your boat.

First, let’s define what dry storage is. This type of storage means your boat is kept in a covered, enclosed facility out of the water at all times when you are not using it. The facility should be hurricane/wind proof and will protect your boat from all the outdoor elements, including hot and harmful UV rays, rain, wind, pesky critters, birds, and more.

In dry storage, there is no need to cover your boat and, in most cases, you are even able to leave your gear and belongings safely and securely on your vessel so there is no need to haul these items back and forth from your home and vehicle. Dry storage also keeps the boat’s finish and upholstery looking like new for years longer than one stored outside and exposed to those elements mentioned above.

With the preservation of your boat also comes the preservation of its value. In dry storage, you will be avoiding marine growth below your vessel’s waterline and the destruction of the hull in the sun, wind, rain and other elements. You won’t need to regularly paint the bottom with anti-fouling paint or frequently repair and replace the upholstery and finishes. Your engine and dash panels will remain intact far longer and, overall, your boat will be noticeably better conditioned than the others you see in the water. Sunlight, especially in the south, will fade paint, canvas and any other surface exposed to the light and in dry storage, exposure to sun is drastically reduced.

Ultimately, dry storage offers great benefits compared to wet storage and preserves your investment and enriches your experience out on the water, allowing you to maximize your time on your boat for many years to come.