Marina del Palma #1 Yacht Club in Palm Coast

Community Construction Updates

Boathouse construction

Not only is home construction growing fast around MDP, but we also have had significant progress on our community infrastructure and the state-of-the-art, unique amenities that Marina del Palma is fast becoming known for. We are certain 2021 is going to be our best year yet with many exciting things to come!

Street Signs

New street signs and posts to match our light poles are expected to be delivered and installed in mid-December.


We’re thrilled our seawall was completed in August. The marina fire water mains & water mains to the docks were also completed in November. Our marina docks have been ordered and our site electrical work to the marina will begin this month.

Clubhouse construction


The foundation, underground utilities, and concrete slabs for the building have been completed. First-floor concrete block construction has also begun to go vertical. The projection of completion is June 2021.


The foundation and underground utilities were completed at the end of September. We are still patiently waiting on steel delivery and have been notified it has been delayed until the end of December due to COVID-19 and the shortage of trucking and materials. We expect construction will start the first week of January. The projection of completion is June 2021.