Marina del Palma #1 Yacht Club in Palm Coast

Valet Boat Service

Love Your Boat Again

A day on the water, wind in your hair, inhaling the fresh salt air, relaxing with friends and family. You’ve got your feet on the bow and you’re casting a line into the water in hopes of a freshly caught dinner.

That’s the dream, boat owners and lovers of the sea, could pursue by buying/building in Marina del Palma. 

Marina del Palma is a one-of-a-kind boat-centric, gated community on the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Coast, Fla. It offers resort style amenities and luxury assets. As a result, the water becomes an extension of the owner’s property. 

Preparing a boat for a day on the water and cleaning it up afterwards isn’t easy. It can be time consuming, physically exhausting and greatly underappreciated by most on board.

“Spending a day on your boat is always fun and relaxing,” said a local boat owner, “But the time it takes to get ready to go out could be much better spent actually being out on the water.”  

Marina del Palma has solved this dilemma by offering Valet Boat Service to its residents. With this, you’re experiencing an amenity that is the epitome of the top-notch service you’ll receive living in this exciting community.

How it works

It just takes a phone call to let them know when you’ll soon be ready to launch and they do the rest. They will get your boat right out of storage. From there, they gas it up, start it and even filling coolers with ice and beverages. You are free to stroll down to your dock, hop on board. From there, head out for a relaxing day at sea or even just an after-dinner-sunset-cruise. In addition, when you arrive back at your dock, just hand over your keys and your boat will be washed and stored until next time.  

Marina del Palma realizes your time is valuable. This unique service allows you to use your spare time optimily. You can spend more time with your family or pursuing other passions and still spend as much time on your boat as you wish. All this without wasting time on the preparation and clean up afterwards.